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Sleeping, Storage and Water Solution for Second Gen Xterra

Hours after purchasing Sebastian, I was several hours from home in Joshua Tree airing up a full-sized mattress to sleep in the back. At the time I didn’t know the rear seat bottoms could be removed — and so we spent that first night freezing to death with the hatch cracked.

Since then I’ve continued to make modifications. I bought the Dream Island and accompanying pad to try to make it more comfortable. I bought and used Action Packers to improve upon that.

Enough is enough. What I really need is a full 5′ X 7′ flat (and level) sleeping area, cubbie storage, and six-gallons of onboard running water. I want as much gear inside and off the roof with room inside for four adults. And most importantly, I don’t want to hear rattles, squeaks or sloshing.