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Two Jobs With a Side of Fries

McDonald’s and Visa teamed up to create a financial tool to help out the employees of the golden arches. Problem is–no one could figure out how to “get-by” on the Mickey-Dee’s paycheck.

They assumed $1,105 for their first job. That’s right, first job. In order to make this work they just assumed you have two jobs. I’ll get there in a couple paragraphs.

Magical Sunday

Jesus Christ was a magician.

(Or an apocalyptic leader, or charismatic healer, or philosopher, or egalitarian social reformer… a description I wish conservatives and liberals alike would look up before for claiming/criticizing the “Christian” acts of one another.)

He and Houdini had a lot in common–including the way that they died. Both were Jewish (although, we forget how one of them spoke Hebrew and looked that way…), both were skeptics of the status quo (Houdini with Spiritualism and superstition–Jesus with Judaism/Trinitarianism and the creation of Christianity), and both were performers.

Both were killed by the public whilst be asked to perform one last trick. Neither could. And neither let on to the fact that they were anything but super natural right to the end.