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He shook his head to clear it, but the world grew dark and angry and would not stay upright. The world did not like to be shaken. He understood that now.
Body parts telegraphed complaints from faraway places.
…he threw a glance over his shoulder and a pole ran into him.
government-run child farms. [schools]
The man had red cheeks and was divorced, although he didn’t know it yet.
disemboweled cars. [Referencing a junk yard]
His bacon tasted like nothing. Like a dead animal, fried. His eggs, aborted chickens.
Then she strapped herself into her pack.

Industrialized Education

“Sadly, most artists and most linchpins learn their skills and attitudes despite school, not because of it.” -Godin

Read Seth Godin’s newest book, Stop Stealing Dreams (which is free, click here.)

Personally, I hated school and loathed everything about it. I hated the early start times, the rigid schedules, the pointless homework, and the general polarized social stigma of it all. Teachers and admins included.

Looking back at those doldrum years and the way I acted I wonder why anyone put up with me. And then I remember what I was like after 2:40 PM in the afternoon.

“Education isn’t a problem until it serves as a buffer from the world and a refuge from the risk of failure.” -Godin