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Sleeping, Storage and Water Solution for Second Gen Xterra

Hours after purchasing Sebastian, I was several hours from home in Joshua Tree airing up a full-sized mattress to sleep in the back. At the time I didn’t know the rear seat bottoms could be removed — and so we spent that first night freezing to death with the hatch cracked.

Since then I’ve continued to make modifications. I bought the Dream Island and accompanying pad to try to make it more comfortable. I bought and used Action Packers to improve upon that.

Enough is enough. What I really need is a full 5′ X 7′ flat (and level) sleeping area, cubbie storage, and six-gallons of onboard running water. I want as much gear inside and off the roof with room inside for four adults. And most importantly, I don’t want to hear rattles, squeaks or sloshing.

Headway Feedback Wanted

Over the past several days I’ve received both praise and criticism for a no-time operations methodology I dubbed, “headway.” And all of it is much appreciated. In fact, I want more.

If you haven’t read it – do – then tell me why it will or won’t work. Tell me what symptoms it would invoke on the organization, employees, and clients – good and bad. I’m preparing a follow-up post to discuss these items but I need your help picking it apart first.

To get your critical juices flowing…

TBT – Repost: Why Scrum Makes Planning and Estimating Worse, Not Better

Constraint based planning does not and cannot work in an industry without constraints. So, how do we plan without constraints? You can’t.

Planning is based on what you know prior to embarking on the journey. If I told you to pack a bag tonight because tomorrow we’re going on a trip, what would you pack? Oh, you want to know where we’re going, how long we’ll be gone, and what we’ll be doing? In other-words, you want me to provide the constraints of the trip so that you can plan accordingly?

I don’t know how to plan without constraints; and from what I’ve found so far no one does.