A lover of ideas, an advocate for change, and disgusted by mediocrity.

I started my first company when I was twelve.

My junior year of college I sold the first company and all of my tangible belongings. I packed my Subaru Outback and headed west. Living nomadically out of my car for the next year. When I ran out of money I returned to college and finished.

A lot of time has passed between then and now, and other companies come and gone. Today I spend my week designing things and building stuff. And weekends pretending I still live nomadically.

My favorite color is blue. Or orange. Or brown. Sometimes red. Favorite non-colors include both black and white and those hues in-between.

“Do you care enough to fail?” (Seth Godin) is my favorite quote from my favorite author.

When I can I read or travel—preferably by the road less traveled… or no road at all.