AEV Wheels & 37s on a Stock Ram Power Wagon

Awhile ago – I jumped to 37s on my stock wheels and stock height of our Power Wagon. And as I noted in the previous link – the rub was… evident. Every day. Everywhere. Forwards, reverse and most definitely which searching for full lock. Which you can’t find. The nineteen-point turn becomes your new normal.

AEV for some reason cut the price on their silver Salta wheels by 50% awhile ago – and so I snagged them. They have the optimum offset and backspacing to fit 41″ tires on their Ram DualSport suspension system. So my theory crafting was – they would help clear 37″ tires on a largely-factory Power Wagon.

And the result? In short – they very much do.

Full Lock?

Full lock once again appears – and you realize how much of your already crappy turning radius was lost on the factory wheels with 37s. This alone is worth it in my opinion. While not a huge fan of the silver color… or aftermarket wheels in general. The usability here can’t be over emphasized. I’d do this again in a second.


My fender liners were already trimmed – but required even more. The new offset pushes the tires out away from the truck’s center – so the tires end up deeper into the fender wells but further away from the sway bar and radius arm. You’ll see in one of the photos of my driver’s side fender liner – I could use a little more in the front. But by and large – it’s a few minutes with a box knife and a beers’ worth of effort with the heat gun to get the fender out of the way for everything except more extreme suspension angles.


Another huge win – you can drive in and out of a driveway or over a speed bump or back up without rub. At absolute full lock turning passenger I have the faintest rub. But that’s it. The grinding battle between my tires, sway bar and radius arm is all but over. Evidenced by the rust that’s slowly replacing the shiny polished areas created by the factory wheels (see photos).


The wheels are made in China and are of equal or better quality then the factory wheels from what I could tell. So far, they’re easier to clean – but appear dirty much more easily. The slight inset around the rim seems to have prevented a lot of the rock rash I developed with the more flush factory wheels. And the valve stem protection seems smart… although I’m not sure how gimmicky it is in reality. The other thing I’ll mention is how the wheels will push the tires out away from the truck slightly. Less noticeable on a Power Wagon with factory wheel flares. It’ll be a lot more obvious on a truck without.

Ok – and I’ll mention on more thing. I wasn’t crazy about the silver color – but couldn’t pass the deal up. And originally had planned to just powder coat the wheels black. AEV voids the warranty if you do that. And a lot of powder coaters won’t powder coat aluminum because of possible damage and weakening that can happen in the oven. So… take that for what it’s worth.