Rear Seat Delete for Ram 2500

About this time last year – I purchased a Wilco tire swing and my friend the Rigd version (also with a Power Wagon on 37s). After endless modifications to make it better – it was time to go. They’re a royal pain no matter how you slice it. And for those (like me) with a slide-in camper – the process of taking the tire swing and a 37″ spare on-and-off every time you put the camper on the truck or take it off became unbearable.

Those who remember Sebastian – I’m no stranger to the seat delete. And luck would have it – Goose Gear would release their seat delete not too long before I was ready to throw the tire swing to the doldrums of the garage corner – to be forgotten and never seen again.

But the Goose Gear version had a lot about it I didn’t like. Including that price tag. So with the goal of banishing the tire swing forever – I set out planning my own version. Pictures below. I’m not going to walk through how we did it.

This took myself and a very skilled carpenter (and good friend!) about a day and half to do once I had all the parts and pieces. It came in-and-out of the truck about a thousand times to get all the holes, curves, and nuances just right. The final product is made from 8-ply 1/2″ baltic birch. Covered with outdoor carpet or deck stain depending on where you look. It bolts in using the factory seat locations and new, flat-top allen key hardware I purchased – or using 80/20 to conceal any connection points and add strength. The pressure latches are from McMaster. Everything was rounded over and is very hand friendly.

I’ve had it installed now for about four months and… love it. I wasn’t sure what kind of issue losing my entire backseat in a pick-up would create. But it hasn’t been much of a compromise at all. And the additional room created (no seat backs), storage options, and large flat platform for are incredibly versatile. And the best part? I don’t have to lift that spare tire and install a tire swing every time I do something with the camper.