DIY Rod Carrier for pick-ups

Recently we moved into a new place with a garage. And like a lot of guys with a full-size truck; our pick-up barely fits in every dimension. But especially in height. So away went the ability to keep our FWC on and its River Quiver rod carrier.

However, like buying that first nice rod, once you have a carrier… it’s really hard to imagine life without one. You get lost in thoughts like, “You seriously think I’m going to assemble and rig this at the river?” I know, right… common sense for those of you with a carrier and outright pretentious for those of you without.

So with external dimensions bound by a garage I can’t change and an inner cosmic-like force that is unwilling to break down my rods for anything but a plane ride or backpack; I went to my favorite thinking spot and gazed out the window looking to the constellations for a solution.

Fortunately, I quickly started daydreaming of days in a drift boat. Ah ha! For those of you who have experienced such a luxury – you too may have seen how most will attach PVC pipes to the inner hulls in a curved manner to accept and carry rods. The exact same thing could work inside a truck bed!

A run to the hardware store and $25 later; I present to you – the pick-up rod carrier. Obviously with it being curved – it’s not intended for long-term storage. But if you want to run between spots or head out to the river down the road… this will more than suffice and you won’t be forced to re-rig.