Salt Made Off-road adds AMSOIL, MAXTRAX & Wavian

We’ve expanded “Salt Made” once again. This time into the four-wheeling, overlanding, camping, and power sports world.

In addition to designing and building our own carriers for Four Wheel Campers (MAXTRAX mount, Jerry Can mount, etc.) and camp accessories (stay tuned… flat pack fire pit coming soon); we’re also proud to announce that we’re authorized dealers for:

  • AMSOIL – Literally the first company to create synthetic motor oil and widely considered the lubricants leader globally. I’m underway with an independent oil analysis now… so we’ll see ;)
  • MAXTRAX – Many consider the leader in traction boards. I’ve broken three other brands and had my unscathed MAXTRAXs the longest.
  • Wavian USA – There’s a reason pretty much every military in the world uses these jerry cans… they’re the best. Bomber and completely serviceable.

Each has vetted our carrier products and deemed them worthy. Not only physically to carry their products on your vehicle – but for us to carry and sell their products on their behalf. Those votes(!) of confidence from much larger and older organizations is really encouraging. In short, we’re very excited and will be working hard over the winter to broaden our product line. Here are a few things we’re working on – but if you other have ideas – let me know!

  • Shovel and ax mount
  • Trash carrier for campers
  • Exterior cooktop mount (food prep and outdoor cooking)
  • Camper interior “kits” (add a table, add a fridge, etc.)

We are a stocking dealer for these products – not just a reseller. So if you’re looking for someone local in Salt Lake City (particularly AMSOIL, which seems impossible to find nearby) – give us a call.