FWC Makeover

Four Wheel Campers are great for so many reasons. And while overall, they’re the result of years of experience building campers, they don’t seem to get any better looking. With a wife that’s an architect – I knew before we picked our’s up that in short order we’d be remodeling our brand new camper.

Our camper, like most, was pretty beige inside. Yum.

After using samples to test a variety of materials, we settled on peel and stick wallpaper and peel and stick vinyl flooring to do the bulk of the heavy lifting in making our camper insta-famous worthy. We used samples in the camper for months to make sure they would remain adhered and tolerate the extreme hot and cold.

The process for the floor and the wallpaper was pretty simple. A lot of tedious time with a utility knife. The floor took about an hour and a half to complete. The wallpaper took a lot longer – partially because of how hot it was outside. The wallpaper is definitely a lot easier to work with under 80 degrees.

We used less than one 36 SF box of flooring and about three and a half 27.5 SF rolls of wallpaper to do the entire camper. Our FWC is a Hawk Shell… so about as much surface areas as you can get for those two surfaces.

We also purchased cotton duck cloth to reupholster the cushions, make some dedicated cushions for the benches, and redo the curtains. None of which we had time to do this weekend. However, we did have the “good idea” to dye the curtains instead…

With some Rit in hand, we did our best to take the beige curtains to black to match our buffalo check wallpaper. They came out a light grey. We think the curtains are coated with some kind of flame retardant that prevented them from taking the dye better. But hey, grey is better than beige.

Overall, we’re very happy with how it all turned out. Future plans include:

  • Extending the bench tops and making dedicated cushions
  • Swapping the curtains for black duck cloth
  • Changing the appearance of the cooktop counter