Where to Mount a Shovel on a FWC?

I spent hours looking online for a solution to this simple question. Again, people have either cobbled something together that wouldn’t last on a secondary road, or opted to drill holes here-there-and-everywhere.

A note to those out there who post their ideas for things like this. If you’ve incorporated bungees cords, duck tape, or PVC pipe… keep it to yourself. You being a danger on the roadways is danger enough. No need to share your ideas with others for them to follow in your questionable foot steps.

The most elegant solution I found was the $275 Aluminess Expedition Kit mounted to a jack bracket. But I couldn’t find a shovel short enough that I liked and my jack brackets already carry a jerry can and four Maxtrax.

So my problem was really more about where. Where in the hell could I mount a shovel where it wouldn’t interfere with the roof or door or side profile?

The answer was pretty simple once found. But depending on your camper/bed situation, may not work for everyone. The Hawk on the Ram short beds has a slight overhang. I utilized that and some Quickfists to mount my Razorback D-Handled Spade. $275 – $7 = beer money.

One thing to note is the “block” I used (3/4″) nearest the handle. That angle of the shaft is important to prevent the shovel from touching the truck or camper anywhere. If you mount it parallel to the camper bottom, the spade end touches the bumper. Inward of the camper “foot” and the spade touches the bed.