Maxtrax Mount for a FWC

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Hell bent on carrying two sets of Maxtrax after a little detour… Don’t ask.

I had a heck of a time finding a decent solution. People either seem to jerry-rig something out of tape and twine – or drill holes left-and-right through the camper. I wasn’t keen on either.

I ended up fabricating a mount that utilizes the jack bracket and an attachment point at the rear overhang. Three, 1″ wood screws in the bottom edge are the only holes required. Holes in the head figuring out all the angles is another story.

The jack bracket mount is 1/4″ flat bar. The rest is .060″ 5/8″ square tubing. The Maxtrax slide onto and lock with the use of their overly-priced mounting pins. I’ve got $6 in materials and $50 in those pins… ?

That aside, the mount turned out rock solid and holds the hefty load of four Maxtrax very well. They lock on and deploy in seconds with those pins of gold. Overall, very happy.


That angle you might ask… Not what I wanted in a perfect world. But the result of the fear of the lever created by extending the top mount out so the Maxtrax would be vertical and not cover the taillight.