Jerry Can Mount for a FWC

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This isn’t that new or novel. There are dozens of jerry can mounts out there that utilize the jack brackets for the Four Wheel Campers. My take, and reason for not buying an AT Overland bracket, was my desire to be able to leave the mount on and still use the jacks. Our camper comes on and off frequently. So I’d much prefer that whether it’s on jacks or on the truck, it’s basically in the same state.

I fabricated the jack mounts out of 1/4″ flat bar. The bottom mount bolts through the battery cabinet and doesn’t so much as take weight as it does prevent the jack mount from twisting or rotating out.

One thing that I didn’t realize until after painting and mounting it was the door catch no longer reached. You can see in this picture, I used some paracord to extend the retracting arm and some marine weather stripping to act as padding for the door where it touches the can holder.

The can is a Wavian 10L with accompanying mount.