salt made co.

Late last year — and more on a whim than anything — my wife and I started a little company. She’s and architect and I’m a contractor. Actually, a better description for her is a lover of design and for me, a tinkerer. But the former are our paying professions.

And as you can imagine with strongly opinionated rivals locked into marriage and sharing a household — we love working together. Well maybe a more accurate way to say that is that we love the results of working together. The present portion of that working is always the most challenging. To steal from Lincoln, we’re a team of rivals.

Anyway, back to the company.

We’re both particular about our house. She wants things to be beautiful, but I want them to be well made and functional. Eventually, we stopped shopping and started making. We’d need something for our house, set off to design something we both like and then I’d build it.

Slowly this migrated from our yard to inside our house. And shortly after we threw together a business entity and website to start selling this service. We’ll design and build just about anything. Or you can pick from our catalog of unique and handmade products like our metal blanket ladder or firewood rack (that’s also a side table).

So part of the reason the site has been so quiet lately is this thing we threw together on a whim is actually picking up speed and taking up more of my “free time”. Not a complaint at all — just the reality of things.

That said, we have a very exciting surprise coming in March and I think the cadence and content of this site is going to fall back into place thereafter. So if you haven’t jumped ship yet — stick it out. Almost there.