Nissan Xterra Sleeping Shelf & Fridge/Cooler Slide

Welcome to numero ocho. I’ve documented one, two, three, four, five, six, seven ways to sleep and store things inside the Nissan Xterra. This is number eight.

Actually, it’s an addition to number six. Sebastian is no longer a daily driver — so version six that replaces the back seats has been reinstalled. A few small changes have happened since it was first installed — like adding para-cord to prop open the doors. But by and large, it’s unchanged and still kick-ass. It creates a ton of storage room, eliminates boxes/bags that have to be moved when making camp, and makes the transition to sleep-mode super quick.

Seat replacement storage solution.

This next version could be used alone — but instead will be paired with number six. It creates a shelf (yes, I know, I’ve done this before) that you sleep under. The issues in the past were mostly around how uncomfortable, or wobbly, or both the shelf was. This time, the shelf boasts 17″ of clearance from floor to shelf. It’s built out of 3/4″ plywood, custom fabricated steel brackets and fastened using the uni-strut system and turnbuckles.

It also re-uses the heavy-duty drawer slides from another version to create a slide for the cooler. Putting the cooler on a slide is what creates the ability to have the shelf so high up. It’s right up against ceiling tie-down and on the passenger side. Which means that you can’t open it. Hence the slide…

The shelf also gives us the ability to do a few other things that make setting up camp really fast. The shelf holds our personal bags in transit — which go in the front seats when we sleep. The dog platform is gone completely — and the dog now sleeps on the shelf. The shelf also allows us to keep the bed out all the time — folded in half. So no going from sleeping to driving takes a hot 30-seconds. Whew. Now just to find time to paint it…