Camber/Caster Bolts

Xterras are known for a few different things. For example, the trademark bump on the hatch for the first aid kit. No doubt it’s an Xterra when you see that.

They’re also infamous for the lack of camber and caster bolts in the lower control arm (LCA) from the factory. Which means even with their very generous “spec range” for camber and caster… when you lift the truck you’re going to have to also swap in new camber and caster bolts. And while not expensive and easy to do on paper; they’re anything but.

Sebastian has been without since birth. And savvy to the battle we just went through — avoided it up until now. I was able to get an alignment “within spec” without. So I just kept figuring — why poke the bear?

Well, because on my fourth set of tires now and I’m still getting outside wear and feathering. Which gets louder and louder until rotation. And also because if I add anymore lift — I’ll most definitely need some camber and caster adjustment to get the alignment within spec. Foreshadowing… maybe.

A couple weeks of daily soaking PB Blaster may have helped. It made the driver’s side painless. The old bolts slid right out and the new ones right in. Coated in anti-seize of course.

Temporary bling

The passenger side was a different story. The front bolt followed suit with the driver’s side. But the back bolt. Oh the back bolt. No combo of BFH, pry bar, or jack could get it to buge. I even let it sit overnight in PB Blaster.

So I started the morning with a cup of coffee and a sawzall assualt. I had the good fortune of havig to cut the ball joint too.

With new cam bolts and a passenger side LCA — it ‘s off to the alignment shop. That was fun.