NPS proposes increased fees… I’m all for it.

I heard about the National Park Service’s proposal to increase fees a couple of days ago. My first reaction was, “finally!”. I’ve been saying for years that it’s ridiculous how cheap the entrance fees are in comparison to the budget deficit going on with our public lands. So it was really disappointing to get an email from the Outdoor Alliance to try and stop it. Are you serious? Have you even read the proposal?

Yes, 17 parks will get big increases during a five-month peak season period. $70 per private, non-commercial vehicle. You know how much a ticket to Disneyland is in July?

$124. Per person. Plus parking, service fees, taxes, etc..

You know how much the America the Beautiful pass will be in their proposal? The one that gets you unlimited access to every federal land (including the 17 parks with proposed increased fees)?

$80 a year.

Yep, for roughly half the cost of a single ticket to Disneyland, you can buy a pass that gets your vehicle full of your friends and family into every federal land in the country.

Get all the facts over at the NPS website.