Mo’ Skids

After a recent trip to Top of the World — it became visually and audibly obvious that I’ve outgrown the remaining stock skid plates on Sebastian. I already swapped out the radiator skid plate for a 3/16″ plate steel version made by Shrockworks. We’ve also added an engine skid plate (and area completely left nude by the factory), sliders and a differential skid. And good thing — because they’ve all been getting a workout.

Here’s the “before”…

Ignore the gas and transfer case skids in this “before” photo. And look at that giant hole between the engine skid and transfer case skid. That black pan in the middle? Oh, that’s the transmission pan.

The replacement transfer case and gas tank skids — as well as — the transmission skids all came from Shrockworks. The shock mount skids from Nisstec. As Shrock recommends and we’ve become familiar with… this stuff gets pretty beat up. So once again I opted for bare metal and painted them myself. I’ve also learned that doing your 30/60k mile fluid changes requires that most of the skids have to come off. When I do that — I also re-paint the skids. Summary being — the cost to powder coat is pretty difficult to justify.

Shrockworks radiator, engine, transmission, transfer case and gas tank skid plates.
Nisstec shock skids paired with Shrockworks skid plates.