Mods and Maintenance

This past weekend was our first in town in awhile when we weren’t also entertaining company. That meant cleaning up the garage which had become a catch-all pile of crap — and doing a little work on Sebastian.

Shortly after reading this thread — I was pulled over Ouray, CO for passing on a two lane road. The circumstances of which were questionable at best. And this week I was pulled over for properly zipper merging in Salt Lake City, UT. I decided enough is enough. If I do get a ticket — it’s not going to be my word against theirs.

So the first order of business was installing a dash cam. I went with the A119S v2 and hard wiring kit for several reasons. Don’t forget an SD card. Make or break features in my search included something with:

  • GPS logger with speed
  • Capacitor driven (no lithium batteries)
  • Adhesive mount (no suction cups!)
  • Discreet install
  • 15 seconds or less screen saver. A lot of these cameras have their screens always on… that would drive me bonkers. This one you can actually turn-off or set to 1, 2, 15 seconds. Among several longer settings.

The hard wiring kit made the install pretty simple. Fished wire from the fuse box on the passenger side to the a-pillar. Pillar up to the headliner and over to the rear view mirror. I taped the washer fuse (non-critical if there’s an issue) — so the camera is controlled by the ignition key. May or may not get around to doing a review after I’ve put some miles on it.

Awhile ago I mentioned how I had sheared-off a seat bolt in the body. Finally got that out… ended up being a two evening curse-fest. And I broke the welded nut off the body. But it’s out and a new bolt and nut are in its place.

Next was the bumper. The powder-coat on top of the rear bumper was almost instantly scratched after install. Between being a shelf, table, and step for the dog and my typically dirty shoes… it really didn’t stand a chance. The first “fix” was to throw some grip tape on it. But it skinned shins and scuffed pants. So I removed the grip tape and painted bed liner in its place. No photos of that.

I recently added a lock to the Hi-Lift on the roof. Man is that nice… no more weekly load/unload. Time to add the ax and shovel to the mix. Pretty simple, I moved the Quick-fists under the uni-strut rails. Numerous benefits include: incognito/stealth appearance, have my full load width back, and a lower stance for parking garages. And while not “secure”… I doubt anyone is going to figure out how to take them off quickly.

Rotated the tires (really happy with the five tire rotation still). Removed, washed and re-spooled the winch-line. That was way, way over due.

I also re-removed the front sway bar. I took it off when I installed the OME coilovers. And really liked it. But as the springs broke-in, I was worried about the body roll and our often loaded roof. Since then I added helper springs to the rear and paired down our camping gear a lot. So I’m going to give it another shot. The truck already rides so much better without it and the quick poser stance on ramps in the driveway have me excited about the next wheeling adventure.


Getting all those things on my list crossed-off prompted me to buy more shit, instantly creating a list of to dos as long as before I started. Fear of Empty List… FOEL? Is that a thing? Whatever. When the new stuff gets here and gets installed — it’s gonna be sweet :)