Yet Another… Sleeping Inside the Nissan Xterra

I’ve documented one, two, three, four, five, six ways to sleep and store things inside the Nissan Xterra. Welcome to lucky number seven.

Number seven is again a lot like number five. We got a lot right by dropping the drawers and box from the equation altogether. Number six is actually my favorite… but it turns out we need a backseat more than I realized. That sole reason was why I went back to the drawing board. So while number six is still in the garage and will likely find it’s way back in the truck for longer trips. Our day-to-day, weekend warrior setup is as follows.

Like number six, the dog and cooler live in the truck behind a Raingler net. This has proven to keep the truck as clean as possible and make lunch a snap. The mattress and sleeping bag live in the middle, on top of the folded seats. Chairs and pillows in the ceiling net. And luggage in the roof box.

So what’s left is all the kitchen crap, dry food, water and stove. This use to live in the seat box (v6). And before that, Action Packers. Honestly, the AP’s were pretty money. Being able to take all the kitchen stuff and food, and move it to where you were cooking was really nice. Versus making trips back and forth to the back seat. The AP’s also help create the perfect sleeping platform when the front seats are pushed forward and dropped into the foot wells. And in lies my biggest gripe. They don’t fit in the foot wells when the seats are positioned in a manner where anyone with legs is sitting in them.

Version seven is simply stuffing all the crap that was in the AP’s into a different sized box that fits in the foot wells all the time. The “problem” is that to get a box wide and deep enough to hold our big pots — it can’t be tall enough to complete the sleeping platform. But that’s remedied with these tool boxes which also fit under the rear seats all the time.

Sleep mode shown on driver’s side.
Drive mode.