Airflow Snorkel Installed

In addition to coming with directions there’s a great post over at on how install the snorkel. So I won’t cover details on the install here.

I did mine without removing the fender. It wasn’t bad at all… I feel like removing the fender would create a lot of unnecessary work. I’ve also been told by those who have that the foam/goo they used at the edges is a total PITA to get off.

While I had the fender liner off and the air box out I also…

  • Went ahead and removed the rest of the intake silencer and sealed the factory air box inlet to the snorkel with a polymer sealant.
  • Cleaned the K&N air filter.
  • Cleaned the MAF sensor.
  • Removed the grill and bumper fascia. Bed lined the bumper and painted the grill.
  • Touched up bed liner on the rockers and rear bumper.

I hope to get it out next weekend and compare intake temps to those I’ve been logging without a snorkel the past week.