ARB 2000 Awning Installed

An awning is something I’ve considered, researched, put in my cart, and then nuked the idea altogether citing a dozen reasons why it’s dumb. I’ve made that journey about five or six times now. So when the chance came to snag a ARB 2000 awning and front wind screen for 30% off… it was enough to quiet the internal critics and take the dive.

Beyond price — I chose ARB intentfully. The bumper and suspension from Old Man Emu that I already have — along with several small accessories — have all performed flawlessly. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Their stuff isn’t the fanciest or flashiest — but it plain works.

So why there’s knock-offs of these and other higher-end brands on Amazon… (probably being built in the same factory in China) the ARB has a few very important differences. Mainly in construction and support.

  • Construction
    • The joints and connectors on the ARB are all plastic and not metal. That means they’ll give long before the more expensive parts of the awning (see more in support below).
    • While the material might be the same as others out there. It’s the only one that’s noted to be flame retardant and mildew/mold proof.
  • Support
    • If and when things break — every part of the awning is replaceable and backed by the stellar folks at ARB. I’m confident that when something breaks, I’m a phone call away from being up and running again. Instead of hoping my JB Weld holds on the no-name awning.
    • There’s a full suite of accessories available. Wind breaks, bug screens… even a full tent with a floor.

Beyond choosing ARB over other brands — the other thing I did was build my own brackets. They’re fancy $2 corner brackets. They required a little messaging with a Dremel — but otherwise worked out pretty perfectly.