Marathon Seat Covers Installed

I placed the order for custom Marathon seat covers (“Superhides”) on June 5th — and they arrived August 3rd (59 days). So obviously — it’s too soon for me to have much of an opinion of them. That said, when I went to research these, I couldn’t find any Xterra specific reviews or pictures. So let me share a little bit about why I went with Marathon instead of another company — and my initial impressions.

The other options

  • Wet Okle seems to be the “go-to” in the Xterra community. (Or Coverking, which appears to be a less robust option of the same thing.) But neoprene as a seat cover is a swamp-ass factory. They also make your car smell like a wet suit. Considering that we still do 12-hour days in the X, I wasn’t about to make that compromise.
  • Katzkins look great (they should, they’re a complete replacement). And leather would have done a little better than the OEM seats in a few areas (dog hair, dust)… but worse in others (dog nails, waders, hot/cold, general wear). For the price, a half-baked solution with a limited life wasn’t for us.
  • The other Codura-based covers are not vehicle specific and look terrible. The X also has the fold-flat front seat… and going with a generic would mean compromising that feature.

Why Marathon?

  • Codura is tough-as-nails, breathes, is waterproof, and does well with dog hair (it literally just wipes off with a damp rag).
  • Everyone at Marathon was great to work with. They’re very knowledgeable about the products and bared with me ordering swatches and changing my order several times.
  • Oh the options. Everything from map pockets to gun storage.

Things to know

  • These are custom and cut to fit. And it shows. But at the end of the day this is a seat cover — not a replacement like Katzkins. So they look like…  seat covers.
  • None of the greys available were even close to the interior of the X. I went with black. I think that or a pattern is best if you also have grey interior. I can’t speak to the tan if that’s what you have.
  • The arm rest cover is a tight fit that velcros into place. I’d skip that next time… not worth the additional cost in my opinion.
  • Install the seat bottoms first. The backs have velcro that sticks to the carpet on the bottom of the seat bottoms and make it almost impossible to get the seat bottoms installed afterwards.
  • The full functionality of both seats remain (lumbar, fold-flat, etc.) after installation.

Overall we’re happy. We’ll see how they hold-up.