Aluminum Uni-Strut Based Roof Rack

These aren’t anything new — and are well documented in several places. So I won’t delve into detail on materials or assembly. The hardest thing to find are the vibration clamps… so here’s a link to those. They’re a smidgen too big, so you’ll need some silicone, an old bike inner tube, or 1/8″ thick rubber strip to create a snug fit to the roof rails. The only other thing I did a little different is I used aluminum. I couldn’t find anyone else who had tried it — so to my knowledge — I’m the guinea pig.

Scrap pieces of the uni-strut and Quick Fists helped me build the shovel and axe mount. And I used the larger Hi-Lift mounts to use the OEM roof rail.

The reason for the change was to drop the center of gravity and overall height of the truck as much as possible. Overall, I lost about 50 pounds off the roof in weight and dropped the overall height about four inches (when the bars are positioned under the side rails).

Another thing I like about this setup is how flexible it is. The Uni-strut platform allows for all kinds of mounting options. Flipping the bars on top of the side rails provides more width for mounting items — as well as — the ability to carry long items (like lumber or paddle boards).

No, the aluminum uni-strut rails are not as beefy as my Dep Hep was. But the trade-offs for our use I think out weigh that.