69,576 – Trip Prep

In preparation for our overland trip through Southwest Colorado (which includes 300 miles of dirt) — Sebastian has been the recipient of some sweet, sweet love.

UNI filters were added to the rear diff breather and the front breather (which vents the front diff, transmission and transfer case). I also preemptively routed the EVAP breather up behind the driver tail light and terminated it with a UNI filter. These seem to be giving people issues in really dusty environments. Hope I got mine done early enough it won’t ever be an issue.

Red outline shows you the hose that gets removed and replaced with the breather.

Most of the fluids were changed including: oil, transmission (drain and fill), and coolant. I also replaced both the radiator cap and overflow cap. I’ve actually been fighting a “mysterious” cooling issue over the past few months. Well, it turns out Amazon, O’Reilly, and Auto Zone all have the wrong part number in their system for the radiator cap (and that’s what I’ve been running). Per the FSM, the radiator should get a non-vented radiator cap, and the overflow a cap of 16 lbs. Turns, out you burp the system through the overflow tank too. In summary, take what you know about working on cars and cooling systems… and throw it out the window.

I also rotated the tires (still doing the five-tire rotation) and made a bunch of small tweaks and fixes. For example, since I had to drop the radiator skid (such a PITA) to drain the coolant — I went ahead and took a cup brush and new bed-liner to it and the front recovery points while they were off the truck.

Drum-roll for the fun stuff now…

Jerry can and holder were added to the roof rack.

Wavian 10L jerry can and mount

You can see in that same photo the new brackets (bent and drilled steel) using Quick-fists that hold both the axe and shovel on the driver’s side. That’s because the Hi-Lift is now mounted on the passenger side (it was just too loud and annoying on the bumper).

Inside I added a ScanGauge II. Finally I have an accurate odometer and speedometer with the over-sized tires. And tranny temps to boot! You can find the X-Gauge codes here for 2008+ Xterras and Frontiers. Lamp colors to match the Nissan orange are: 3 red, 1 green, 0 blue.