New Shoes – 255/85 Pizza Cutters

The much alluded to new shoes are finally here and installed. I replaced my 265/75R16 Cooper Discoverer ST/MAXX with exactly the same tire in 255/85R16. I gained exactly one-half-inch of lift over my last measurements on the worn 265’s.

Initial impressions from the drive home…

  • Wow are these quieter and smoother. I hadn’t noticed the degradation in both areas on the 265s. And while slight, it’s definitely noticeable.
  • They don’t look that much bigger. I think the difference would be a lot more dramatic if they weren’t replacing a true 32-inch tire in the same make and model.
  • But they are. And the clearance in both wheel wells is very tight now. That said, there’s still no rubbing (even without the melt mod).
  • They look noticeably narrower. Not bad, just different. And I think that contributed to the improvements in smoothness and tracking on my short highway ride home.
  • Last but not least, one of the wonders of this 255 is that it’s actually one-pound lighter than the 265s they replaced.  So far I’ve noticed no difference in braking or acceleration (which is a different story from when I went from a 265 A/T to the Cooper 265s). That said, I think they might contribute to ever-so-slightly more body roll with the taller sidewall.