Rogue Key Mod

Wow, what a pain this little mod was.

A few years ago my lovely wife thought the Pacific Ocean might an enjoy a set of my keys. So I replaced that set with the euro key mod. And honestly, I really grew to hate the flip key. It was wobbly and stuck out way too far from the ignition tumbler… putting your entire key ring right over your right leg. Fed up, I went searching for another alternative that combines the OEM key and OEM remote into one unit.

The best thing I found (and really like so far) is a Nissan Rogue key. I bought this one off eBay after trying a Rogue replacement off of Amazon with a remote that wouldn’t program. Actually, I bought two of them off eBay because ACE Hardware botched cutting the first one and it wouldn’t even open my doors. So almost two months after starting this 10 minute mod — it’s finally finished.