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No wonder really that you get asked this question by just about everyone while training for and after completing an ultra. And like the author, I have trouble putting into words any kind of sensible answer. But his mother’s recount of her 100 mile race put me in a cold sweat. I think her answer was about as clear as it can be using words.

The challenge in relaying any kind of meaningful insight is that the flashes of wisdom or clarity, I should say, that most often emerge under intense duress are fleeting and hard to verbalize or recapture once at rest.


[I]t went something like this: “I experienced a sort of clarity, when I got really tired and had been dealing with this injury for hours, nothing overly spiritual or anything, just a sense of deep gratitude for my support crew, to everyone one around me, and more broadly just a deep appreciation for life and what really matters. (sic)”

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