Living In The Age of Outrage | Mark Manson

Just a few generations ago, when my grandfather was in his early 20s, he was riding in a deployment boat into Europe, Saving Private Ryan style, where he would watch most of the men he had become close to the previous year be killed within a span of a couple minutes. About 10 years before that, my great uncle, barely even 20, volunteered to work and support two of his younger siblings because his parents were struggling to raise six children in the middle of the Great Depression.

Today’s struggles are no different, of course. Today, 20-year-olds struggle to find “safe spaces” on campus, where they don’t have to listen to someone with an opposing viewpoint, or because somebody micro-trauma’d them by raising their hand and disagreed with them in class. Or protesting professors who dare to suggest that, you know, Halloween costumes aren’t actually offensive.

Source: Living In The Age of Outrage