Expo Box Version 2.0

Last November after a lot of planning and researching, I built my first “expo box”… or as Google prefers “sleeping platform” for the Xterra. Eight months of use later I was ready to start tweaking. As I’ve posted before, there were a number of “improvements” desired:

  • A larger water tank and better orientation
  • More headroom
  • Coolers… currently they’re awkward to pack, especially with rear seat passengers
  • Tie-downs were terrible to use
  • Very difficult to open the tailgate from the inside
  • 1/2″ plywood use
  • “Doorless” front so that items can roll out with when the back seats are down

And more… but these were the hot buttons I aimed to tackle with version 2.0. So one Saturday afternoon I set out to make what follows. The only items I needed to purchase were a 1X1X6X10 and drawer slides… everything else was salvaged from the first box.

Water moved from a rigid tank, to three 10L MSR Dromedaries They’re flexible, gravity fed, fit down in the honey hole (lower center of gravity), collapse flat when empty, and they’re black so sun warms them up for showers.

MSR Drom on left hanging from roof rack
Droms packed down in the honey hole

The box height is lowered, allowing for headroom. Notches cut into the platform make for easy access to the tie-downs.

Easier gear packing with tie-down access.

A drawer holds all the kitchen needs, which makes for quick work of cooking and clean-up.

Drawer full.
Drawer empty.

Last… there’s a slide-out section of the box that makes a nice cooking/prep area.

Cook away.

The good news? We like it. The bad news… I have some more ideas ;)