How to Create a Bike Carrier From a Roof Top Cargo Basket

When I was in the market for a roof top basket I instantly fell in love with the Kuat Vagabond. Genius — it comes with two fork mounts for your bikes! But, Kuat wants more than a pretty penny for it and considering the basket sits around seven inches tall it may or may not fit your particular application.

With height restrictions being of utmost concern — I went with the RockyMounts 14’er as it sits four inches high and keeps my Xterra Pro-4X on 33’s at seven-foot; allowing for access to most parking structures. That said, the RockMounts doesn’t come with the “oh so genius” bike carrier. So I made one…

Grab a couple of hose clamp for the $12 Kuat Dirtbag fork mounts you decide to purchase. I went with three. Unscrew the clamps entirely so that you can wrap the clamp around the bar of the cargo basket and the fork mount. Then reconnect and tighten. I mounted mine in a way where I could tuck the tail of the hose clamp behind the wind deflector (see picture below).  For the finishing touch grab a package of these velcro ties to wrap around the rear of the cargo basket and your rear bike tire.

Done… now, go ride.

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