Headway Feedback Wanted

Over the past several days I’ve received both praise and criticism for a no-time operations methodology I dubbed, “headway.” And all of it is much appreciated. In fact, I want more.

If you haven’t read it – do – then tell me why it will or won’t work. Tell me what symptoms it would invoke on the organization, employees, and clients – good and bad. I’m preparing a follow-up post to discuss these items but I need your help picking it apart first.

To get your critical juices flowing…

  • Would headway create a competitive atmosphere between employees that would hinder teamwork and smoother creativity?
  • Does headway punish employees through rewards?
  • What kind of work would be the most profitable?
  • Is the most profitable kind of work the kind that would foster talent acquisition and retention? Would it worsen or alleviate burnout?
  • Would a client pay for a headway project over another managed in a traditional time-based methodology?
  • Will a headway company hire and retain better or worse talent when compared to an hourly company?
  • Is a headway company more or less profitable than an hourly company?
  • Is a headway company focused on sustainable initiatives more so than an hourly company?