The Fresh Tilled Soil Accessibility Stack | Fresh Tilled Soil

Accessibility isn’t sexy. But, when trying to create a complete experience that works regardless of the way it’s being accessed, it is critically important. It’s part of Progressive Enhancement, it’s part of Responsive Design, it’s part of Universal Design, and it’s part of whatever popular buzzword you want to use (because it’s a large part of the Web).

One of the difficult parts of testing for Accessibility is knowing what’s available (knowing is half the battle). With that in mind I’ve put together a list of the tools we use here at Fresh Tilled Soil to help you fill out your testing suite. I’ve broken it down into two major buckets: Visually Impaired and Deaf & Hard of Hearing. And yes, I triple checked those terms as to not offend anyone, but in case I missed something please send all your vocal complaints to @stevehickeydsgn on Twitter (see what I did there?).

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