15 Minutes Into a Journal Entry [read:rant]… EDUCATION

It’s this blindness and forgetfulness and presenteism that has the world in the state it’s in. Freakonomics had a series on whether or not college is worth the costs (in every sense of the word “costs”). And the verdict is that economically it makes sense—but don’t expect to actually get anything out of college except the opportunity to afterwards make more money. There’s no doubt that’s a broken idea.
Every time I think about education I get heated.I think about the wise words of multiple authors, researchers, and professors. Summarized: Seth Godin‘s Stop Stealing Dreams provides the current state of affairs, Sir Ken Robinson‘s The Element describes the issues, and Alfe Kohn‘s Punished by Rewards shows us how we got here.
I can’t help but imagine that an education system built around students and the genuine desire to explore, learn, and expand our world (that we all start kindergarten with) would lead to a more holistic understanding and acting society.
When I grow up I’m going to fix all that.