Let’s talk about you. What’s the best part about you?

I guarantee you can’t replicate it. No one can.

The best part about you can’t be amplified or duplicated–not even by you.

Think of your favorite people: friends, authors, speakers, leaders, power rangers, alter egos… the best part about each is their ability to [insert name]ify. (i.e. Alex-ify)

Of your favorite people, who has the biggest personality?¹

Picture that person. Their character makes them as great as they are because of their ability to personify the essence of everything they say and do with their own affect. They’re not a puppet. They’re not impersonating. They’re simply so real, so original that you either love or hate them. (And if they aren’t, you love the person they’re imitating even more.)

I’d describe them as perfectly unpredictable.

Influenced by nature/nurture? Sure. An overpowering characteristic? Never.

That voice inside our head–the impulse to act? We all have it, but unlike McDonald’s french fries they don’t taste the same everywhere. Each is unique.

My favorite author can’t be mocked. Anymore personality in their writing and it would be too much. Any less is either a bad day or a talented imposter. Both are shit.

So what’s the best part about you?


¹ This was done to help imagery, not to imply that they’re the best at this